Are Pokemon Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond Better Than The Originals?

After years of rumours and speculation, we'll be able to revisit Diamond and Pearl in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

These remakes will offer faithful recreations, but with a stunning new design.

If you have played the originals, then you are well aware of how amazing these Pokemon games are.

With the remakes coming later this year; a lot of discussions has been into whether or not these games will differ drastically compared to the originals.

Here are all the differences between the two and which ones will be better! 



As far as we know, it does not appear the remakes are going to differ too much from the originals that released back in 2007. 

For the most part, we know that all the version exclusive Pokemon will still be the same and there should be some minor differences within the games. 

Pokemon has added some pretty amazing features since 2007, and we can expect the following to all be present within the game: 

  • Mega Evolution 
  • Max Raids
  • Gigantamax Pokemon

As well, we can see through the trailers showcased during the Pokemon Presents that the games will offer a new art style and modern graphics for the Nintendo Switch.

So yes, it appears the new remakes are going to be better than the original and we cannot wait to jump back into the Sinnoh Region!



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