Pokemon TCG Live - Release date, regions, and how to download

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September 16, 2022: After many months, the Pokemon TCG Live app has rolled out to a few more countries.

Itching to try out the next generation of Pokémon TCGO? As the Pokémon TCG Live release date inches closer, so do your chances of getting in early. Here's what we know about the launch date as well as how you can get the beta Pokémon TCG Live download.

As the original online Pokémon card game nears the end of its life, hopping onto the next makes sense. And although it was supposed to release in 2021, the new year has come and gone. But you don't need to wait for the worldwide release date. If you're lucky, anyway.

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When Is the Pokémon TCG Live Release Date?

Right now, the Pokémon TCG Live release date hasn't been made clear.

We originally thought it would release worldwide toward the end of February after a delay into 2022, but this only applied to a select few countries as a way to test its core functionality and systems.

In September 2022, the Pokemon TCG Live app released in a few more countries, but a worldwide Pokemon TCG Live release date still hasn't been set.

How Can I Download the Pokémon TCG Live Beta?

Like almost any online game these days, a Pokémon TCG Live beta does exist.

Designed to garner feedback for the worldwide release, it's currently only available in Canada as of February 22, 2022, but there's a chance you could sneak in early by using a Pokémon TCG Live download like an APK and then relying on a VPN to trick the game into thinking you're in Canada, France, Germany, and Italy.

You might hit a roadblock if you try to use your existing Trainer Club email to begin the Pokémon TCG Live account transfer process if the account itself is geo-locked to wherever it was created, but there's no harm in trying.

The Pokémon TCG Live release date is close.
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When is the Pokémon TCG open beta?

According to the official Pokémon website, a Pokémon TCG Live open beta test will take place at some point after the Canadian beta (or soft-launch). This is likely just to test server stability rather than to take any feedback that could be actioned upon before release, but it's a chance to play it before the official Pokémon TCG Live release date comes along.

Assuming it's a worldwide open beta, getting in on it should be as simple as grabbing the Pokémon TCG Live download from the Google Play or iOS App Store, or clicking the download link on the official website if you're looking to play on PC or Mac.

What are the Pokémon TCG Live system requirements?

Samsung Galaxy S7 (Android 8, 2GB Ram)
iPhone 7 (iOS 15)
Pentium D/Athlon 64 x2 Processor, 3GB RAM, Windows 7 or above
OS X 10.14, 3GB Ram
Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016) (Android 8, 2GB Ram)
iPad 2017 (iOS 15)
Pentium D/Athlon 64 x2 Processor, 3GB RAM, Windows 7 or above

On the PC front, the Pokémon TCG Live minimum requirements are very, very tame. So long as your PC or laptop has 3GB RAM and runs Windows 7 or above, you're probably good to go. On Mac, it's just a matter of running the latest version of OS X - incompatible Macs won't have the update.

On the handheld front, any budget Android device from the last six or so years is likely to be fine. With iPad, a 2017 or older model is required, with iPhones just needing iOS 15 or above. That means the iPhone 7 or newer.

And that's about it for this brief look into the Pokémon TCG Live release date and beta download. Though there's no date set just yet, all signs point to it coming real soon. Until then, Pokémon fans should check in on the best Pokémon GO Deoxys Defense counters. It's a great creature for PVP.

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