Pokémon Snap Pre-Order Bonuses

Pokémon Snap is out this week, and those who are looking forward to exploring the new Lental region might be looking to pre-order the game in advance. However, that raises the question of what pre-order bonuses there are for Pokémon Snap, which we’ll be covering just below!

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Pokémon Snap Pre-Order Bonuses

Pokémon Snap doesn’t have any in-game bonuses for pre-ordering the game. No extra levels, no special Pokémon, no early powers or unique camera filters. It’s a rare change in comparison to most modern games, but it means you’ll be getting the full game experience either way, with no content gated off or restricted.

That being said, that doesn’t mean you can’t get bonuses. Depending on which stores you buy it from, some physical copies pre-ordered will come with a double-sided poster and a series of stickers, an image of which you can see below. It’s not from every store, but we’ve listed some of those that are carrying these posters and stickers with the game.

pokemon snap pre-order bonuses
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Pokémon Snap is out on 30th April, so you have the rest of the working week to secure a copy! Of course, there’s plenty more guides here at Gfinity, and more for you to find out about the game. Check out what there is to know about the legendary Pokémon of Pokémon Snap here, or find out where you can play the original game here!

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