Does Pokémon Snap Have Online Gameplay and Multiplayer?

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Pokémon Snap is out soon, and many are looking forward to the chance to creep through jungles, run along beaches and more. However, will it let you team up with friendly photographers? We’ll cover whether Pokémon Snap will have Online gameplay and multiplayer, allowing you to interact and play with friends.

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Does Pokémon Snap have Multiplayer?

No, Pokémon Snap does not have multiplayer, as far as we know. The game is built for single player experiences, with no known mechanics for cooperation or competition built in. However, that doesn’t mean that there’s no online component whatsoever.

Does Pokémon Snap have Online Features and Play?

Pokémon Snap does reportedly include an online feature in which players can compare the photographs they’ve taken, as well as editing and rating them. It’s not a means to share gameplay per se, as there’s not a challenge element built in, but players can at least share the fruits of their labour together. According to the official Nintendo store page, players will require an online membership subscription to use this feature.


Of course, this is all based on available marketing and promotional material, and it's entirely possible that there are nuances and differences in the final product. If that's the case, we'll be sure to update this page after the game is out and the details are in our hands.

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