New Pokémon Snap: How to Upload and Share Pictures Online

A big part of the New Pokémon Snap is the opportunity to upload the photos you’ve taken and edited to the internet, where other players can see and rate them accordingly. We’ve outlined here how to upload and share Pokémon Snap pictures online, and everything you need to know about the process!

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How to Upload and Share Pictures Online in Pokémon Snap

To upload your pictures to the internet in the New Pokémon Snap you first need to have a selection of photos in your personal album. We’ve outlined how to add photos to that album in our guide here, but once you have them you do the following:

  • From the main menu, head to the Lab.
  • Click the “Internet” button.
  • Click “Your Page”.
  • You’ll now see six empty spaces. Click on any of these to go to your Photodex or personal album and select a photo to upload.
  • You’ll have the option to caption it before you upload.
  • Once done, it’ll appear on your online page for others to see and rate.

How to See Online Pictures From Other Players

As above, head to the Internet section, but from there select “Other Players’ Photos.” You’ll have the option to see those that are trending, featured photos, and those that are recommended by the game to you specifically. There’s not a lot of options to filter or go through these pictures easily, so to some extent players will have to go by luck of the draw.

While you’re at it, there’s a lot more Snap guides here at Gfinity! Check out our guide on every Pokémon in the game and how to find them here, or find out the star system and all its nuances here!

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