How To Get Fruit In New Pokemon Snap

With New Pokemon Snap in the wild, players are enjoying a modern twist on a nostalgic series.

The game comes with many familiar aspects including fruit!

Players can use fruit to lure Pokemon out of hiding and snap a unique picture.

But how do you get it? Here's how to get Fruit in New Pokemon Snap.

How To Get Fluffruit In New Pokemon Snap

New Pokemon Snap gives players Fruit about an hour into the game after you've unlocked all areas of Florio Nature Park.

After visiting Florio Nature Park in the day, night and Illumina Spot, Professor Mirror will invite you to his team.

Once done, he will offer you fruit to take on your journeys to help you snap pictures of Pokemon.

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How To Use Fruit In New Pokemon Snap

Fruit can be used in many different ways to help you in your quest to snap 'em all!

To throw fruit, you simply need to press the B button.

If you want to throw it further, you'll need to look upwards with your camera.

You can throw fruit on the ground for Pokemon to eat it.

It can also be used to throw at Pokemon, upon being hit they will change their behaviour.

It's also useful for luring Pokemon out of hiding spots and reposition them for a better photo.

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