Pokemon Masters Is Reducing Item Storage Limits and Deleting Loot

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Pokemon Masters players may want to start sorting through their Temp Storage boxes. As of June 29, a space limit has suddenly been imposed. Any items held over the newly implemented threshold will be deleted after a certain period of time.

As a live service game grows older and larger, the need for additional storage space tends to follow. Just look at Pokemon GO: players over there are constantly demanding more.


For Pokemon Masters, however, things are going in the opposite direction. It's about to reduce the amount of presents players can hold into their accounts at any one time. Start sorting through those boxes before you lose some valuable goodies.

Announced out of the blue through the official website, the in-game Temp Storage section can now only hold 1000 items at a time. Previously, there was no limit whatsoever: it was completely unlimited.

From now on, whenever an item enters a filled Temp Storage box, the oldest item will be deleted to retain that 1000 item limit.


For items that were in excess of the 1000 limit before the restrictions were implemented, a timer has been placed on them. Any item in excess of the 1000 limit that isn't claimed before the timer runs out will be automatically deleted.

As for why developer DeNA has decided to suddenly implement this change, it doesn't appear to be down to potential server or database optimization, but a bug within the game.

According to the announcement, some players were unable to log in due to a mysterious error message. This was traced back and ultimately linked to an excess amount of items in Temp Storage boxes.

Whether or not some other remedy could have been found, the fix that stuck was to impose the item limit on every account.