Team GO Rocket Balloons Temporarily Removed From Pokémon GO

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Pokémon GO players hoping to catch a shadow version of Zapdos this month are currently out of luck, as Niantic has removed Team GO Rocket encounters temporarily.

The three Gen 1 legendary birds are up for grabs during the Season Of Legends event, but a bug has caused Niantic to put a pause on proceedings whilst they investigate.

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Team GO Rocket Balloons Temporarily Removed From Pokémon GO

The event is running from March through to May, with players able to capture shadow versions of Articuno last month, Zapdos during April, and Moltres in May, provided they can earn a Super Rocket Radar and defeat Team Rocket leader Giovanni.

However, DualShockers reports some players have noticed the game crashing when they enter a battle with a Rocket Grunt, preventing them from earning the opportunity to snag one of the legendaries.

Niantic took to Twitter to acknowledge the problem, and have pulled the encounters from the game in the meantime.

There's no word on when the Team GO Rocket balloons will return, so players are advised to keep an eye on the @NianticHelp Twitter account for updates.