Pokemon Go trialing new Egg Hatching feature

Pokemon Go is still getting fans out exploring the world with new Pokemon to obtain.

With the upcoming update, players will be able to obtain new Pokemon from eggs, but what changes are being made?

Possible Egg Drops 

Naintic, Pokemon Go developers, tweeted saying they're making changes to how trainers will unlock rewards from eggs. 

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This change will be great for players looking for more transparency when it comes to rewards.

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Changes to Eggs

The new changes will be applied to 2km Eggs, 5km Eggs, 7km Eggs, 10km Eggs and Strange Eggs.

You'll be able to unlcok new Pokemon from all of these eggs as soon as the next update is available on Pokemon Go

For example, strange eggs or 12km eggs will now reward pokemon like Absol, Scraggy, Vulllaby and more.

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These changes should make egg hatching more rewarding, possibly pushing players to focus on this side of the game.

However, eggs will still only hatch specific Pokemon depending on the location you gained the egg from. For a full list of all the changes to eggs, click here!

Release Date 

These changes will be implemented into Pokemon Go very soon!

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Make sure you grind towards any Pokemon you're currently trying to gain from Eggs, soon they may be gone forever... 

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