Pokemon GO Shiny Holiday Pikachu Guide: How To Catch Shiny Holiday Pikachu And Evolve To Shiny Holiday Raichu

The Christmas holidays are almost here and we can't wait.

With this festive time of year comes festive events in-game.

Pokemon GO is no stranger to this and will be giving us some early presents.

One of which is a Shiny Holiday Pikachu!

Keep reading to find out how you can get one and evolve it.

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Shiny Holiday Pikachu Guide

Where To Find Shiny Holiday Pikachu

You'll be able to get a Shiny Holiday Pikachu from December 22nd at 8 AM till December 31st at 10 PM local time.

You can find Shiny Holiday Pikachus in the wild or Raids.

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How To Evolve Shiny Holiday Pikachu To Shiny Holiday Raichu

Want a Shiny Holiday Raichu?

It's as simple as evolving a regular Pikachu.

Use 50 Candy and you'll have yourself a Shiny Holiday Raichu.

Select evolve and your Pokemon should change.

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