Pokemon GO Shiny Holiday Cubchoo Guide: How To Catch Shiny Holiday Cubchoo And Evolve To Shiny Holiday Beartic

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It's almost time to get together with family to give each other presents.

Christmas is on its way!


Pokemon GO is no stranger to this holiday and tends to give back to players at this time.

One of those gifts is a Shiny Holiday Cubchoo!

Keep reading to find out how you can get one and evolve it.

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Shiny Holiday Cubchoo Guide

Where To Find Shiny Holiday Cubchoo

You'll be able to get a Shiny Holiday Cubchoo from December 22nd at 8 AM till December 31st at 10 PM local time.

You can find Shiny Holiday Cubchoo in the wild or Raids.


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How To Evolve Shiny Holiday Cubchoo To Shiny Holiday Beartic

Maybe you want a Shiny Holiday Beartic?

All you need to do is evolve your Holiday Cubchoo.


Use 50 Candy and your Pokemon will evolve.

You should now have a Shiny Holiday Beartic!