Pokemon GO: How To Get Shiny Cresselia

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Pokemon GO's new five-star raid opportunity is here, and that means Heatran has been cycled out.

In its place is Cresselia, a moon goddess that you can encounter in raids right now.

Here's how to get the shiny version.

Pokemon GO: How To Catch Cresselia

Using the online resource Pokebattler, we know that the following Pokemon are pretty handy against Cresselia.

  • Shadow Houndoom (Snarl, Foul Play)
  • Mega Blastoise (Bite, Hydro Cannon)
  • Chandelure (Hex, Shadow Ball)
  • Shadow Scizor (Fury, X-Scissor)
  • Mega Beedrill (Bug Bite, X-Scissor)
  • Shadow Weavile (Snarl, Foul Play)
  • Shadow Mewtwo (Psycho Cut, Shadow Ball)
  • Mega Charizard Y (Wing Attack, Blast Burn)
  • Shadow Tyranitar (Bite, Crunch)
  • Darkrai (Snarl, Dark Pulse)

Even with those, it'll be a tough task, but you'll ideally need to buddy up with at least two players with similar lineups.

Mega Pidgeot, expected to be added to the game any day now, could also be a huge help.

Once you've knocked Cresselia's health down and get the chance to catch it, it's not too tricky to hit the "catch circle".

You have a 5% chance of finding a shiny version, so over the course of 20 raids you should find one.


One thing to look out for is a Cresselia with 1633 CP (or 2041 in boosted weather conditions). These have 100% IV, so are well worth catching if you can!

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