Pokemon GO Shadow Moltres Counters May 2021: How To Beat Giovanni

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Giovanni has been returning to Pokemon GO with the Legendary Birds on hand, and this time he has Shadow Moltres. For the month of May, Shadow Moltres can be caught if players defeat Giovanni with a Super Rocket Radar.

To battle Giovanni in May of 2021, Pokemon GO players will be given special timed research to complete for the month. The tasks are typically time-sensitive to the given month, so players should act fast. When all of the tasks are completed, they will generally end with a Super Rocket Radar reward, and a Shadow Legendary Bird.

Part of those tasks is taking down the three Team GO Rocket leaders, which are Cliff, Arlo, and Sierra. Defeating them is what gives players the Super Rocket Radar from the tasks. The leaders are more difficult than the grunts, but easier than Giovanni will be.

Once Pokemon GO players have a Super Rocket Radar for May 2021, it's time to take on Giovanni and Shadow Moltres.


How to counter and catch Shadow Moltres in Pokemon GO

There are some constants in the Giovanni battles, and those are typically the order of Pokemon. Shadow Moltres will be the final Pokemon that Giovanni has, and Persian is almost always his lead Pokemon. His second is usually a toss-up between three options, which are Khangaskhan, Nidoking, and Garchomp.

Shadow Moltres Counters

Moltres is weak to Rock-types primarily, and Electric or Water-types as a secondary.

  • Rampardos - Smack Down (Fast Attack) + Rock Slide (Charge Attack)
  • Rhyperior - Smack Down (Fast Attack) + Rock Wrecker (Charge Attack)
  • Tyranitar - Smack Down (Fast Attack) + Stone Edge (Charge Attack)
  • Swampert - Water Gun ( Fast Attack) + Hydro Cannon (Charge Attack)
  • Blastoise - Water Gun (Fast Attack) + Hydro Cannon (Charge Attack)
  • Landorus - Rock Throw (Fast Attack) + Rock Slide (Charge Attack)

After players defeat Giovanni, they will be rewarded with a Shadow Moltres encounter. Only a limited number of Premier Balls will be given, so make sure to use berries and hit great curveballs.

Keep in mind that any Mega evolutions or shadow forms of the listed Pokemon will be more powerful, but they are not required. For a list of counters on other Pokemon that Giovanni utilizes in Pokemon GO, check here.