Pokemon GO Raid Stadium Changes Datamined In Version 0.211

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Pokemon GO Raid Stadiums have been largely the same since they were added to the game. There have been balancing changes along the way, but nothing too visual to shake up the formula.

Well, Pokemon GO players that love raids are in luck, because plenty of information on raid stadiums has been datamined. Pokeminers uncovered a ton of data from version 0.211 that included a whole list of additions to look forward to, and many of them were raid-related.


First and foremost, the raid stadiums will be getting a visual overhaul that looks far sleeker than the original. The colors inside the stadium will also be able to change to match the color of a team in the same way that gyms do when they are taken. According to the data, there will also be crowds in the stands of the raid stadium that are also far more defined.

When entering raids in Pokemon GO, there will also be new animations when entering the battle. Within the stadium, the battle will also be displayed on a screen to add even more style to the battle.

Additional changes to the raid stadiums in Pokemon GO

It won't just be aesthetic changes that raids are getting in Pokemon GO. Players can expect a bunch of new changes related to stats as well.


After raid battles end, stats will be tracked and players can look over them if they'd like. Everyone's stats will be logged upon completion, and they will be taken into account for a brand new leaderboards system that will be making its way to the game for raids.

Finally, players can earn new stats within raid stadium battles as well as achievements in the game. It's clear this update will be a major deal in the game and is sure to add some further longevity to raids in Pokemon GO.