Pokemon GO Luminous Legends Y: Everything to Know About the Event

The Luminous Legends Y event is set to begin next week as Luminous Legends X comes to a close in Pokemon GO.

Players can expect the event to begin on May 18, at 10 am local time and part 1 will end on May 24, at 8 pm local time. Part 2 will start on May 25, at 10 am local time, and it will end on May 31, 8 pm local time.

Luminous Legends Y will run for There is a lot that Pokemon GO players can expect from Luminous Legends Y in Pokemon GO. One of the main aspects of the event will be the debut of Yveltal in five-star raids. Xerneas was the first Kalos Legendary to debut during its own event, and now it's time for Yveltal to do the same.

Instead of Fairy-types being the main theme this time, Luminous Legends Y will have a higher spawn rate for Dark-type Pokemon. It's a great chance to catch Dark-type Pokemon for the very long Kanto Tour quests that many players still have.

Team GO Rocket during the Pokemon GO Luminous Legends Y event

Another separation from the previous event is the inclusion of Team GO Rocket. New shadow Pokemon will be available, and in some instances, more than one Team GO Rocket grunt can attack at once. In return, players may receive Strange eggs and complete limited research. Pancham is just one Pokemon that will hatch from a Strange egg.

Part 1 of the event runs for a week, and if players can defeat enough grunts as a community, new bonuses will be applied for Part 2 of the event.

Fairy-type Pokemon will appear more again in the second week of Luminous Legends Y. That's because Sylveon will finally be making a Pokemon GO debut after plenty of rumors.

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