Pokémon GO Research Breakthrough Rewards for January 2022

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January 3, 2021: The current Pokémon GO research breakthrough reward is Onix.

For years now, Pokémon GO research breakthrough rewards have offered players a nice end-of-week bonus to collect. By completing one simple task from a PokéStop each day, you can collect a stamp. Collect seven, and you're given not only a boatload of consumable rewards, but often a rare Pokémon as well.


The Pokémon that spawns with each weekly Pokémon GO research breakthrough is typically fixed, but it changes often—either to suit an ongoing event or season. They can't be fairly underwhelming, featuring Pokémon that aren't all that rare for extended periods of time, but they've also been known to give away Pokémon like Groudon and Moltes, which are typically locked behind limited-time five-star raid battles and sit high on the Pokémon GO tier list.

So with the year about to end, what Pokémon GO research breakthrough rewards can you look forward to? With a brand-new season comes some fresh faces. And with good IVs and shiny odds generally boosted for these weekly rewards, what top-tier critter can you expect to see this January? Let's find out.

The Pokémon GO Research Breakthrough reward for January 2022 is Onix.

Pokémon GO Research Breakthrough Rewards - January 2022

The Pokémon GO Research Breakthrough reward for January 2022 is the Rock-type Pokémon Onix. It's maximum CP this way is 472, which will denote a max IV encounter. Onix can be shiny.


This means that every seventh daily task you complete will reward you with the opportunity to catch Onix. Though fairly common years ago, Onix is not only difficult to find now, but highly prized given its ability to both evolve and mega evolve. Don't miss out.

Previous Pokémon GO Research Breakthrough Rewards

If for whatever reason you like to disappoint yourself, we've listed all the past Pokémon GO Research Breakthrough rewards for 2021, just so know exactly which other rare creatures you may have missed last year.

Month (2021) Pokémon

What Other Pokémon GO Research Breakthrough Rewards Are There?

  • 2000 Stardust
  • 3000 XP
  • One of the following
    • 20 Poké Balls
    • Five Ultra Balls
    • Five Pinap Berries
    • Three Rare Candies
    • One Sinnoh Stone
    • One Unova Stone
  • The Research Breakthrough Pokémon of the month

Beyond a powerful Pokémon, claiming your weekly Research Breakthrough reward has other perks as well. You're free to hold off claiming the seventh until a good Pokémon arrives, but claiming them as often as you can will net you items listed above.