Pokemon GO Heatran Raid Guide: Best Counters, How Many Trainers Are Needed And Weather To Look Out For

Ready to head into another raid?

Let's go head to head with Heatran!

This fire and steel type Pokemon can be a challenge.

Although, follow this guide and you should find it easier to bring this beast down.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know from counters to weather conditions to look out for and more.

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Heatran Raid Guide

Best Counters

You can find the best counters for the Heatran Raid below.

Sourced from Pokebattler, a site that uses all Pokemon moves to figure out the top 10 counters.

Ground type Pokemon will be your strength.

  • Groudon (Mud Shot, Earthquake)
  • Rhyperior (Mud-Slap, Earthquake)
  • Landorus (Mud Shot, Earth Power)
  • Garchomp (Mud Shot, Earthquake)
  • Shadow Swampert (Mud Shot, Earthquake)
  • Shadow Flygon (Mud Shot, Earth Power)
  • Excadrill (Mud-Slap, Drill Run)
  • Rhydon (Mud-Slap, Earthquake)
  • Golurk (Mud-Slap, Earth Power)
  • Golem (Mud-Slap, Earthquake)

How Many Trainers Are Needed?

Heatran is a fire and steel type Pokemon, both of these types are weak to ground types.

Trainers can take advantage of this weakness.

You should be able to take down Heatran with three to five trainers.

This also relies on the counters you bring to battle.

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Weather To Look Out For

Watch out for snowy weather conditions.

These conditions will boost Heatran's steel type attacks.

Sunny/clear weather will boost its fire type attacks too.

Although if you're bringing ground type Pokemon it won't matter too much as these weather conditions boost ground types too.

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