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Marill Gets A Limited Research Event in Pokemon GO

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Fairy-type Pokemon are a major theme for the first half of May in Pokemon GO, and Marill will officially be a part of it.

On Sunday, May 9, Marill will have event-exclusive timed research for players to complete. The Marill timed research will be available from 8 am local time to 10 pm local time.

What the exact research tasks are have not been officially detailed on the Pokemon GO blog, but encounters with Marill were promised as part of the rewards. Usually, some items, additional Pokeballs, and some XP are part of the rewards list as well.

Marill and Luminous Legends X in Pokemon GO

Marill is yet another Fairy-type Pokemon that players can get their hands on during the first half of May. There are plenty of others as well, and that is because of the Pokemon GO Luminous Legends X event that goes live on May 4, 2021.

The event will run for about two weeks, from May 4 to May 17, 2021. After that, the Luminous Legends Y event is set to start. However, while the Luminous Legends X event is running, players can expect Fairy-type Pokemon to show up all over the place.

Part of the festivities is the Fairy-type catch challenge, which tasks the Pokemon GO community with catching a collective 500 million Fairy-types. If the task is completed by the end of May 9, special bonuses will be activated for the week after.

Xerneas will also be making a raids debut during the event, and is the Legendary Fairy-type Pokemon that will act as the mascot for the next two weeks in Pokemon GO.

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