Phasmophobia: How to Use the Parabolic Microphone

Phasmophobia, a multiplayer survival horror game, is slowly making the rounds again on Twitch. With that in mind, there’s a whole bunch of equipment that many players don’t know the real purpose of - the Parabolic Microphone included. When used correctly, this microphone can be incredibly useful for locating where the ghost is.

Here’s what the Parabolic Microphone does, how it works, and how best you can use it.

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What Is the Parabolic Microphone?

The Parabolic Microphone in Phasmophobia.
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The Parabolic Microphone is a piece of equipment on Phasmophobia that can be used to detect sounds through walls, and at a large distance of up to 30 meters. Essentially, it is a portable version of the Sound Sensor. It allows players to hear the noises of ghosts such as their voices or low moans and growls, and their footsteps too.

How Do You Use the Parabolic Microphone?

Once equipped, use a left-click to make sure the Parabolic Microphone is actually turned on.

The microphone works through walls and doors. So, if a ghost within a 30-meter range of you interacts with something, the microphone will show a reading between 1.0 and 3.0 for a short period of 3 seconds, indicating that they are present. Ghostly interactions can include their voices, footsteps, them throwing items and more. Just be careful and make sure you’re not mistaking your teammate’s noises for that of paranormal activity.

The best way to use the Parabolic Microphone is by moving slowly and keeping an eye on the reading, using it to indicate which direction the ghost is in, and ultimately locating where they are.

A small tip from us is that the Parabolic Microphone is most useful on larger maps - such as the Brownstone High School and the Asylum. Also, if you find that the microphone is being triggered often, this can indicate that the ghost you may be dealing with is a Myling, as they tend to make a lot of noise.

Now that you know how to use the Parabolic Microphone to the best of your ability, go and try it out for yourself and see how quickly you can locate the ghost with it. Remember to tell your teammates to keep the noise down too while you do so though!

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