Is Persona 5 Strikers Coming To Xbox?

If you're a lover of JRPGs or anime you'll likely already know about the Persona series.

Well, right now Persona 5 Strikers is probably all you'll be hearing about in communities of the above.

If you're wondering if it will be releasing on Xbox, you're not alone.

Here's what we know!

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Is Persona 5 Strikers Coming To Xbox?

Unfortunately, right now we would say you won't see Persona 5 Strikers coming to Xbox.

So far the title has been announced for PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, with no mention of Xbox.

As well as that Atlus games usually release their titles on PlayStation and Nintendo consoles with recent integration to PC too.

Just because this is the case now doesn't mean it always will be.

Persona could definitely come to Xbox in the future, but this is up to the parties involved being Atlus and Microsoft.

On the plus side, Microsoft has been collaborating with Japanese developers and publishers recently so it makes the possibility a little more likely.

For example, the Yazuka series recently came to Xbox and PC after previously being a PlayStation exclusive.

Take this information with a pinch of salt, just because it happened for other titles doesn't mean it will for Persona.

We'll keep our fingers crossed though as the series seems to be picking up a wider fan base over time.

This could mean more demand for an Xbox port.

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