Is Peridot Free to Play?

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May 3, 2023: Peridot's release is on the horizon!

The newly announced app Peridot will be arriving on Android and iOS sometime soon and brings a bountiful cast of critters for us to catch and care for. However, the main question would be is Peridot free-to-play? Like the rest of Niantic's library? Here's what we know.

The developers of the upcoming game, Niantic, are known for its previous release of the unbelievably successful 2016 app Pokémon GO. This one appears to be a similar app in that players will collect their Archetypes, and can walk them, while interacting with the world around them. The real question here remains; is Peridot free to play?

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Will Peridot be Free To Play?

As of writing, there is still no confirmation as to whether or not Peridot is free, but with it set to follow in the footsteps of every other Niantic titles, it probably will be. To accommodate that, expect Peridot to have microtransactions like the rest of the developer's works.

It is highly unlikely that there will be any sort of ‘pay-to-win’ options, but like other apps Pokémon GO and the ill-fated Harry Potter Wizards Unite, players will have the option to improve play by purchasing certain items with coins or other currencies, which can likely be earned in the game or bought with real money in-game.

Screenshots of Peridot gameplay from the official website.
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Will Peridot have microtransactions?

Based on screenshots released on the Peridot website, and previous games by the same developer, we can assume a few different types of items will be in the game. Here are all the ways Peridot microtransactions could potentially work:

Boost Items In Peridot

Boost items are a popular category. In Peridot, they could be to shorten maturing or breeding time of the Peridot Archetypes, or lessen the amount of walking needed. Similarly, items to place at specific spots (like Pokémon GO’s Pokestops) will likely be available to purchase. Maybe not an incense this time, but perhaps a shiny or aromatic item to attract wild Peridots.

Peridot Storage

Another key part of Niantic’s augmented reality walking games is the storage options. Going back to stand-out Pokémon GO, despite there being literally hundreds of ‘Mons available, storage is limited. Players can purchase extra storage space with coins.

Given that there are allegedly ‘infinite possibilities’ of Peridot Archetypes, we will probably see some form of paid expansion for storing these critters.

Peridot Care Items

Peridot has been likened to Nintendo classic Nintendogs due to its need to care for and treat the Peridots with play, pets, and more.

In screenshots on the official website, we can see that certain flowers and food items like sandwiches are available to feed the animals, as well as specific Nest types to house and breed Peridots. Items like the food will likely be easier to obtain, but the Nests not so much. It stands to reason that the store page will have an option to purchase these with whatever currency is brought in.

Peridot Cosmetics

What would a Niantic game be without the ability to pop a hat on your collected cuties? Pikmin had an assortment of items, as did Pokémon GO - and not just for the critters, for player characters too!

Both of these previous apps have a character customisation option with the ability to purchase new clothing and appearance items. So far nothing of this sort has been revealed for Peridot, but we believe it will be introduced. This will also likely bring with it another option for spending coins on either single items or loot boxes.


Peridot promises a new take on a tried and tested formula, with new and interesting designs and creatures for us to discover.

Hopefully, by know you have a general idea of why Peridot will be free-to-play, and how to expect the game to make money from those willing to spend it. It's far from the first game to launch for free with plenty of ways block conveniences behind a paywall, but giving players the option to spend is fair game.

The Tamagotchi-like app will release onto iOS and Android in the future and promises a limited access opening before being a worldwide release. Until then, you can learn how to pre-register for Peridot to get in as early as possible.

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