Humble Bundle Brings Back Sliders Following Negative Feedback

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Humble Bundle, the popular charity-paying digital storefront, has reversed its decision to remove its slider-based denominations for developers, charity, and the Humble platform itself.

Last month, the system was removed and replaced with default amounts between 5% and 15% that could be paid to charity following an unannounced "test" period in March.

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Humble Bundle Brings Back Sliders Following Negative Feedback

In a new blog post from Humble, the company has promised to be "more transparent about the path forward" while also confirming it'll be bringing back the sliders in their previous form.

"Today, we’ll be turning sliders back on for all customers on our bundle pages while we take more time to review feedback and consider sliders and the importance of customization for purchases on bundle pages in the long term," the statement reads.

"In the coming weeks, we’ll roll out the updated design which will include sliders that work exactly as they did previously. Once the new design is live, we will continue to iterate on it, incorporating feedback from the community into its ongoing evolution."

That still makes it seem as though the platform will see some more changes in the future, although with any luck the company will communicate them more clearly.