Payday 2 City of Gold DLC: Teaser Trailer, New Content, Release Date and More

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Payday 2 has been out for quite a few years now, and the developers are continuing to push out new fresh content for fans to enjoy!

What will this new DLC bring to the game?

Teaser Trailer

The latest teaser from OVERKILL doesn't give away much when it comes to actual gameplay changes. 

However, we do get a look at Joy's mask, and a new character who we can assume is part of some sort of Asain mob.

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We also know the new expansion is called "City of Gold". Unfortunately, this is all the information that is given in the new trailer.

Check out the New Content Teaser below!

New Content

We know from the description of the teaser that we'll be travelling to San Fransisco and this time, we'll be fighting off members of the Asain Mafia!

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mention that the merchandise we are going after is "of the more shady kind" meaning we're likely going after some illegal goods. 

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This may raise the stakes and give this new expansion some of the highest risk missions we've seen. 

Silk Road Campaign?

There are some questions about whether this new expansion will tie into the Silk Road campaign.

This story in Payday 2 has now finished, and the new expansion will instead build upon a new narrative.

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The nature of this storyline is unknown as of yet. However, as mentioned before, we know this DLC will be set in San Fransisco.

Release Date

Unfortunately, we don't yet have a release date for City of Gold. We may even see the expansion release as early as next week, but that is unlikely.

Check back here for all the latest information on this new DLC for Payday 2!

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