When is Paralives Coming Out?

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We're patiently awaiting news on The Sims 5 but could there be a competitor on the horizon?

Paralives is an upcoming life simulation game similar to that of The Sims.

The title has appealed to many in the community with plenty of features seemingly more advanced than EA's popular game.

The common question that comes up is, when will we actually see this game launch?

Keep reading to find out more about the Paralives release date!

This title is still in early development and we will continue to update this piece as more information is released.

Paralives Release Date

The creator of the title, Alex Massè, is constantly revealing new content coming to the game.

It clear that the team are hard at work to bring the title to players.

The title is very early into development, currently in pre-alpha.

You can keep up to date with the game's status by checking out the Paralives development page at the top of the site.

Due to the title being so bare-bones at the moment there's currently no specific release date.

We're hoping to see it launch possibly in early development this year or in 2022 but that's just being hopeful.

As more information is released about Paralives we'll be sure to keep you updated so watch this space!

You can also join their Patreon to be kept in the loop!

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