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Overwatch World Cup 2019: Stream, Schedule, Teams, Bracket And Everything You Need To Know


The 2019 Overwatch World Cup begins this week at BlizzCon 2019, with the preliminary games being streamed around the world. The Overwatch World Cup first began in 2016 and since it's inception, South Korea have won all 3 past tournaments.

Players hailing from the Overwatch League, Overwatch Path to Pro, and Competitive Play will put aside their professional rivalries to compete for the glory of their home countries and regions!



Stream Links


Dates & Venue

Dates: 31st October - 2nd November 2019.

Venue: Anaheim Convention Center, 800 West Katella Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92802

Format & Bracket

In total there are 42 teams in the preliminary phase, with an unannounced format. So far it appears to be a series of single elimination brackets, with the higher seed advancing straight to the semi-final. Seeding is determind by national rank.


Teams & Rosters

Main Event Teams:

  • South Korea - Carpe, Architect, Haksal, ChoiHyoBin, Mano, iDK, Bdosin, Crusty.
  • Canada - Agilities, Surefour, Mangachu, NotE, xQc, Crimzo, Bani, Tikatee.
  • China - JinMu, Eileen, Elsa, guxue, Kyo, Yveltal, RUI.
  • France - SoOn, Leaf, Hqrdest, Tek36, Chubz, FDGoD, HyP, Wrath.
  • USA - Corey, KSF, sinatraa, SPACE, super, moth, Rawkus, Aero.
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Preliminary Teams:

  • United Kingdom - KSP, Kyb, Smex, Fusions, Boombox, FunnyAstro, Kruise, Hayes.
  • Australia - ieatuup, ckm, Punk, Trill, Tongue, Unter, Face, Gunba.
  • Sweden - snillo, Rat, Erki, ELLIVOTE, LullSiSH, Gustav, Epzz, CWoosH.
  • Russia - NLaaeR, ShaDowBurn, Txao, Tonic, Engh, MayN, Rubikon, Outbreak.
  • Finland - rCk, Ricky, Zappis, LhCloudy, Shaz, Masaa, Zuppeh, Seita.
  • Austria - DeCeiVeR, Fav, Mac, Minimi, CheesyJuices, Saltmines, Thoec17, Wat7.
  • Brazil - Liko, Murizzz, Ludwig, Honorato, Txozin, Ole, Alemao, Insanityz.
  • Chile - Debout, lowlife, Glitch, robtoxx, Aramis, Balti, eFextoide, Yiro.
  • Colombia - Belphegore, Dulla, Cirrci, Harzeck, GTA, bokk6, HellFull, Pinguino.
  • Denmark - Shax, Fischer, Naga, Molf1g, Henningsen, Scaler, Kellex, khave.
  • Germany - Engineer, Phi, Rady, Moose, Hadi, illbethebest, rephid, ProGi.
  • Hong Kong - Mikouw, MoonBlue, Moowe, Step, AmCrazy, ManGoJai, YiWind, HaRuHi.
  • Iceland - Hafficool, Sindri, SnorrLaxZ, Finnsi, Steelcrusher, futhark, KristoferNumi, ElMaestro.
  • India - kcot, Cruzi, Archangel, DjDestiny, NGHTMRE2k, PrimalMage, Soulhunter, Method.
  • Ireland - Buckle, FlexG, Wheat, Liam, PureIrish, M3WTS, Scally202, Scrivzy.
  • Italy - HearThBeat, LilYung, DragonEddy, Asso, Adnar, Frayu, joYnt, Tenebra.
  • Japan - hoshimi, ta1yo, ten, kenmohororo, SamuraiD, HaKu, Xeraphy, Youk.
  • Latvia - Madpi, Marx, Teeja, Hapkotuk, trustemix, BuhenValds, Xapee, GGMentality.
  • Mexico - sh0ckwave, Sam, Cl4ptr4p, Hikary, Nomy, Mago, Reptile, SanjiG.
  • Netherlands - A10, Jona, Vizility, Brussen, daans, Trispear, CrusaDe, Casores.
  • New Zealand - Colourhex, August, Signed, Joker, plihs, Junglejazz, Truth, Noxious.
  • Norway - Fawad, ONIGOD, TracK, Tricky, Decod, HenKii, MeeemYO, mkL.
  • Paraguay - Years1, Ganjamain, ZIO, Arturok, Kalokalo, Kitty, Sagua, Chou.
  • Phillipines - Billy, Redux XNS, Fascinate, Grandeesauto, Jorun, Rebirth, Daks.
  • Portugal - Kouhen, Horthic, Greyy, atf, Lemonada, Phatt, Jaka, GizmomcS.
  • Saudi Arabia - KssarPlayz, Light, simpleFnk, BeCanBauer, KSAA, Boostio, Ryanchu, Abu11ibrahim.
  • Singapore - Azalea, Bubblekitty, yuris, Xenofly, Sachokk, Jervyz, Akame, JohnGalt.
  • South Africa - Twenty, Likealuke, ShapeShifter, Ashbro, Squishy, Visions, NOTGROOT.
  • Spain - T3lle, neptuNo, Ejin, Jotum, Solmyr, Gavi, HarryHook, Darkzero.
  • Taiwan - Baconjack, ShaiuLin, WON, Craz1S, ATing, inin77, CQB, kant.
  • Thailand - oPuTo, mush2oom, Mickie, BOOMBURAPA, Teetawat, Pannys, Tae, HeadHawk.

Argentina, Bulgaria, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Kuwait, Malaysia, Poland, Romania, and Switzerland will not be participating at the Overwatch World Cup.


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