Complete Ashe's Deadlock Challenge To Earn Unique Rewards

Starting today and running until July 5th, Overwatch players can earn new and unique Ashe cosmetics from "Ashe's Deadlock Challenge".

Players will be able to unlock a player icon, seven unique sprays, and the Deadlock Ashe skin.

There are two different ways to earn the rewards with the first coming from playing Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade mode.

After completing 9 games players will earn a Player Icon, after 18 games they will earn a spray, and after 27 games players will be rewarded with the Deadlock Ashe Skin.

A win will be counted as 2 games played, allowing players to complete this challenge a little bit faster, as 27 games can be quite a lot.

Complete Ashe's Deadlock Challenge To Earn Unique Rewards

Next up, players can watch Twitch streams and earn drops for their time watching.

After 2 hours, the first spray will be awarded, then after 2 more hours a further 2 sprays will be earned, and finally, after a final 2 hours, 3 sprays will be unlocked.

Make sure your account is linked to your Twitch account before you start watching Overwatch creators.

You will also need to claim each reward in the channel you were watching, or the drop inventory menu before you are able to start your progress to the next one.

This event is to support the new Overwatch novel featuring Ashe, B.O.B, and Jesse McCree, as they take on a series of heists.

Today also saw the release of Cross-Play for all platforms, giving console players more of a reason to create a account and start playing with friends from other platforms.

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To find out more read the full blog post from the Overwatch team here.

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