The Entire XCOM 2 Collection Hits Android Next Month

In just a few weeks time, you'll be able to take the fight to the little green men on the go no matter your platform preference. 2K's critically acclaimed tactics game and its many add-ons arrive as XCOM 2 Collection on Android on July 13, putting a previous major AAA release in the palm of your hands. Again.

XCOM 2 Collection is exactly what it sounds like: the base XCOM 2: War of the Chosen game and its four post-launch DLC packs all in one download. Alien Hunters, Shen's Last Gift, Anarchy's Children, and the Resistance Warrior Pack, it's all here.

This Android release is far from the first time the iconic franchise has landed on the devices we use to call our grandmas. The XCOM 2 Collection released on iOS/iPadOS back in April just a few short months after its Nintendo Switch release.

In fact, Gfinity's own Lloyd Coombes reviewed the game on his iPad Pro back in April, remarking that while $24.99 is far from the free price point most games on the platform request, "it's a great way to play one of the finest tactics games in history."

For anyone without either an iOS device of Nintendo Switch (or the alien hater who just can't find enough ways to outsmart them on the go), the Android release enables violence against extraterrestrials on yet another platform with a staggeringly high global install base.

If XCOM on Android is news to you, you can grab XCOM: Enemy Within on Google Play real cheap right now. It's a standalone release of the 2012 expansion and won't be the best example of how a modern release like XCOM 2 Collection will look, but it'll give you an opportunity to see how the fracnhise's beloved tactical gameplay translates to a touch screen.

XCOM 2 Collection launches on Android on July 13. You can even pre-register for it here.

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