Strategy RPG The Alchemist Code Adds a Famous Slime This Week

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The self-proclaimed pinnacle of Japanese Mobile Strategy RPGs The Alchemist Code is adding yet another collaboration to its long list of third-party content. This time, the slime from a famous Japanese franchise joins the fray, but it's probably not the one most slime fans will think of first.

The latest collaboration for The Alchemist Code sees developers gumi Inc team up with YA isekai manga/anime franchise That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.

Featuring the very same heroic slime from the Jura Forest Monster Federation, the new character will enter the game on July 9 alongside a whole host of others.


In total, four iconic characters from the other-worldly franchise will join the game from July 9-28. Here's who (or what) you'll be able to summon:

  • Rimuru Tempest
  • Milim Nava
  • Benimaru

Even if your budget or luck doesn't extend far enough to get you one of the above characters, the event freebie will make sure you don't miss out on the fun.

In fact, you'll get the Rimuru Tempest (Slime Version) unit just for completing the event quest Scavengers of Time and Space - Episode 1.


As an added bonus, the following Alchemist Code daily login rewards will be available throughout the event as well:

  • 300 x Crystal Apple
  • 150 x Rainbow Ingot
  • 2 x Rare Equipment 10-Summon Ticket
  • Collaboration Unit Soul Shard Summon Ticket
  • "and more…"

On top of all that, Rimuru’s Sword of Tempest, Milim’s Cape, and Beniumaru’s Katana will make their way into the game as commemorative collaboration gear, which should all unlock just by taking part in the various other collaboration quests and raids.

You'll have until around the end of the month to collect and complete everything the Alchemist Code TenSura collaboration brings.