Mini DayZ 2 Is the Classic (2D) Game in Your Pocket and It's out Now

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As the E3 hype settles down, Bohemia Interactive has weathered the storm and chosen now to both announce and release Mini DayZ 2, a F2P mobile version of its groundbreaking zombie survival sim.

Mini DayZ 2 is, as the name suggests, a sequel to the previous mobile version of the hit zombie title. Though it's not quite the PUBG Mobile to the original PUBG, it continues the work of the original, bringing a 2D version of the open-world game to the small screen.


Don't let the verticle alignment of the App Store screenshots confuse you, though: Mini DayZ 2 can be played in the same landscape orientation as the original title as well.

Built with sprites and old-school pixel art, this alternate take on the game offers a new way to see and explore the zombie-infested lands while retaining the franchise's core loot n' shoot and base-building functionality.

Sixteen biomes house thousands of maps across 28 raid locations, giving survivors across the game's multiplayer structure to scavenge, loot, battle, and survive with the weapons and supplies they find along the way.

Making their debut in this new release, sniper rifles and knives allow for stealth and long-range gameplay, whether that's on aggressive bandits or the shuffling undead.

Treasure hoarders will guard high-value locations while new locations like military complexes and construction sites pay host to infected workers. New zombies like the Screamer and the ability to harvest meat and other materials from animals are all par for the course in this sequel.

Bomhemia Interactive, a Prague-based developer and publisher known for games in the ARMA series of military simulators, acquired the DayZ brand when it brought modder Dean Hall in to develop the standalone DayZ, which began as a popular mod in one of their aforementioned titles.


Since then, they've released the standalone title to great success and developed a mobile version for on-the-go gameplay.

Mini DayZ 2 is out now on both iOS and Android and is completely free to download.

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