Echoes Of Mana Announced For Mobile Devices, Launching In 2022 Free-To-Play

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Square Enix has announced a new Mana game, Echoes of Mana, for mobile devices.

The title is an action RPG that pulls together characters from across the Mana series, like Randi & Primm (Secret of Mana) and Duran & Angela (Trials Of Mana).

Planned for a 2022 launch, the game will help celebrate the series' 30th anniversary, which is this year with Final Fantasy Adventure turning 30. You can see the announcement trailer and some gameplay for the title below:

As expected, not everyone is thrilled with this once console franchise being given a new game, exclusively on mobile. However, there is a chance that if it does well on mobile we could see it make the jump to PC and consoles, although there is the possibility it will stay on these devices.

Either way, this new title is exciting and shows that Square Enix still sees value in the Mana series.