An English Version of the Devil May Cry Mobile Game May Have Just Leaked

Although Capcom's E3 presser came and went without mention of Devil May Cry, fans of the demon slasher franchise may still be getting a new game if a now-deleted tweet is anything to go by. Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is being localized, but there's no guarantee just yet that we'll see the finished product release across iOS and Android in the West.

Posted to Twitter, circulated by Daniel Ahmad, and captured by Dualshockers, the now-deleted tweet read:

"We are aware that many of you are excited and are asking for the global release of DMC: Peak of Combat.

And can fully confirm that our team is working day and night to make this game in English and other languages so that all of you may experience this excitement.

Thank you."

Why Was the Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat Tweet Deleted?

A now-deleted tweet showing NebulaJoy and Capcom have plans to translate and release Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat in English and other languages.
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The tweet in question can, as of this story being published, still be accessed through a cached version of Twitter, confirming NebulaJoy did in fact announce that the game is being localized for release outside of China.

It being deleted would suggest that either Capcom hasn't expressly committed to releasing the finished product or that it is merely attempting to keep the news under wraps for reveal at another time or place: like possibly at Gamescom in August.

What is Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat?

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is a mobile spin-off of Capcom's action combat franchise that released in China just last week.

After hitting #2 on the iOS App Store, there's reason to believe Capcom would be looking into bringing the game over to the West in the hopes of replicating its sudden success.

The game, which is made by Chinese company NebulaJoy and licensed by Capcom, is built on the popular Unity engine.

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