How to get a Master Ball in Pokemon Go

Giddy at the thought of how to get a Master Ball in Pokemon Go? It's been years now since Pokemon Go first took the world by storm. And in those years, no new Pokeballs have been added aside from the raid-specific Premier Balls typically awarded in the main game by lapping up ten of any Pokeball from the store.

Getting the Master Ball in Pokemon GO is an easy feat. Sort of. Getting another, however, isn't going to be easy. Whichever side of the coin you're on, we're going to go over how to get the best possible ball in the game, and what you'll probably want to do with it.

How to get a Master Ball in Pokemon Go

Despite all the rumours that had Pokemon Go feeling like a proper Gameboy-era title in the franchise, the only real way to get a Master Ball in Pokemon Go is playing the game from May 22, 2023. That's a long while after the game's 2016 release.

The Master Ball in Pokemon Go comes as part of the Special Research from the Season 10 Rising Heroes event. By completing the research objectives, you'll get the Master Ball.

Is the Master Ball free in Pokemon Go?

Yup. Getting the Master Ball in Pokemon Go won't cost you a dime. It comes as a reward from a free Special Research task during the aforementioned event.

Can you get more Master Balls in Pokemon Go?

As far as we're aware, you won't be able to get a second Master Ball in Pokemon Go. Not for the foreseeable future, at least.

There's every chance Niantic will offer Master Balls as rewards for other in-game events going forward, but the first (and only) right now is the special research task available in Season 10.

What should I use my Pokemon Go Master Ball on?

Probably nothing. Until we can be sure there will be another Master Ball up for grabs, it's probably something you'll want to keep on your account as a memento.

Just like how living dexs exist, most will probably want to hold onto the Master Ball as a collector's item.

Situations were you might want to use it, however, would be against regional shinies you happen to come across while you're in a country you might never visit again. If you don't want to risk them running away, a toss of the Master Ball might be in order.

Likewise, spotting a shiny legendary during you daily incense run might be a worthwhile cause, too. Assuming it's a Pokemon we're not expecting to see in raids again anytime soon.

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