Monster Hunter Now - Release date speculation and everything we know

Multiple characters are fighting against a dragon in Monster Hunter Now.

Multiple characters are fighting against a dragon in Monster Hunter Now.

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If you want to hunt various monsters in our world, then you should read this guide, as today we will tell you everything we know about the release date of Monster Hunter Now. This game seems to be quite interesting as it combines elements of Pokemon Go and Monster Hunter.

Also, we are going to discuss the game itself and the various features that make it different from other AR games. Let’s get into Monster Hunter Now!

When is the Monster Hunter Now release date?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there is no information on the exact release date of Monster Hunter Now. Here is the official page where you can sign up for the upcoming closed beta test. However, it only tells us that the game is scheduled to launch in September 2023.

So, we don’t have an exact date. Perhaps the developers will reveal this information closer to the game’s release.

The character is fighting against a dragon in Monster Hunter Now.
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What is Monster Hunter Now and why is it so hyped?

Monster Hunter Now is an interesting new game that looks like Pokemon Go in the Monster Hunter universe. So, this is an AR game that allows you to travel around the real world and fight various creatures.

Below is a short gameplay video from the Niantic YouTube channel, where we can see some combat footage. It seems that the game features an interesting combat system that requires players to move around and dodge incoming attacks.

Also, the game has various weapons that you can use. They are divided into different categories. In the video, we can see heavy swords, shields, and even some firearms.

Monster Hunter Now looks like an interesting game that will expand the fanbase of the franchise and bring new players to other Monster Hunter games. We are looking forward to this game and all the innovations it may feature!

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