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Monster Hunter Now weapons tier list (October 2023)

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Monsters in Monsters Hunter Now
September 28, 2023: We updated our Monster Hunter Now tier list to keep all weapons in check.

Are you looking for a Monster Hunter Now weapons tier list? If so, you're in the right place. This detailed guide will help you choose which weapon to fight with in Monster Hunter Now.

Niantic and Capcom recently launched Monster Hunter Now, a game that has already captivated players by challenging their hunting skills, much like the former's hit title Pokemon GO also does. The game involves combat where players use weapons and armour to hunt and battle monsters. This begs the question: which weapon is the most effective? We're here to answer that.

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Monster Hunter Now weapons tier list

So far there are six weapons in Monster Hunter Now, with more expected in upcoming updates. Interestingly, each weapon possesses its own unique benefits. After decent game time and observation, we've compiled this tier list of the top weapons in the game.

Tier Weapon name
SSword and Shields
ALong Sword
BGreat Sword, Light Bowgun

Sword and Shields

Sword and Shields are one of the easiest and earliest weapons to get your hands on. Thanks to their agility, Swords and Shields can help you to quickly adjust your characters on the map dodging monsters' attacks. Moreover, they are effective in executing a series of attack combinations before monsters can retaliate when they turn red.

Most importantly, as you progress through levels, shields become crucial for blocking and reducing damage while dodging becomes harder.

The skill associated with Sword and Shields is Perfect Rush Combo. It's a series of consecutive slashes from above using a sword, like a chained attack combo. You can unlock it in grade two.

Character holding Sword and Shield in Monster Hunter Now
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Credit: Capcom

Long Sword

Unlike the other weapons in Monster Hunter Now, the Long Sword comes with a Spirit Gauge, a kind of charge meter. It is represented by a sword icon at the bottom of the screen. Upon hitting a monster, the Gauge fills up until it glows red, indicating full charge. At this point, the Long Sword can unleash its most powerful slashing attack, outmatching numerous other weapons in the game.

However, if you fail to engage in combat or get hit, the charge will gradually deplete, rendering the Long Sword much less effective.

Additionally, the Long Sword has a special skill called Spirit Helm Breaker, which allows for continued slashing combos from the sky. Most importantly, you need to make a balance of attack and defence, depending on the status of your Spirit Gauge.

Long Sword in Monster Hunter Now
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Credit: Capcom

Great Sword

You can categorise the Great Sword as another Sword and Shield weapon, but without the shield and with a much larger sword. The attack animations may seem lazy at first, which can make the game feel slow. As the heaviest weapon in the game, the Great Sword also brings heavier impact.

As a matter of fact, patience is a key factor while engaging in combat with the Great Sword. You need to dodge multiple times and wait for the perfect opportunity to land a fatal blow. Furthermore, if you patiently execute a perfect hold of a long press, it will create a charge attack that deals significant damage.

Ultimately, you can use the special skill associated with the Great Sword, True Charged Slash, tearing down monsters with all your might.

Character holding Great Sword in Monster Hunter Now
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Credit: Capcom

Light Bowgun

This weapon provides a unique feature that enables you to select various types of ammunition depending on the Bowgun you opt for. It presents an array of shot types, including regular shots and elemental shots like water-based ammo, offering the flexibility to choose your attack type based on the particular monsters you encounter.

Moreover, it provides the advantage of medium-range attack, allowing you to engage with a monster directly without fearing any damage. Lastly, it has a special skill called Wyvernblast Counter, which fires a powerful bullet that deals heavy damage thanks to its large explosion.

Character holding Light Bowgun
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Credit: Capcom


While the Hammer equally has the potential to qualify for best tier weapon in the game, it's not commonly chosen due to its high skill requirements. However, the Hammer's larger size ensures powerful damage when swung, and a direct attack on the enemy's head yields the best results.

The Hammer's slow attack animation can decrease its hit rate and leave you vulnerable to monster attacks. Dodging and preparing for another blow can be challenging.

Nonetheless, the Hammer's Spinning Bludgeon special move can inject some excitement into it, with regular swings and deliver a stunning finish animation from above.

Character fighting with Hammer
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Credit: Capcom


The Bow functions as a mid-range weapon for attacking, akin to the Light Bowgun. Nonetheless, it's not as potent since you cannot continually launch attacks. As a result, you must rely largely on your abilities to properly charge your attacks while evading monsters. This weapon boasts four levels of charge attacks at your disposal.

Its special skill, Dragon Piercer, is a highly effective arrow that possesses the prowess to pierce any monster in its way. Despite being a low-tier weapon, skilled players with quick reflexes can easily wield it as a lethal weapon.

Character holding Bow in Monster Hunter Now
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Credit: Capcom

In the end, remember that all weapons are designed to provide a unique experience in combat. Beyond weapons rankings, personal choice plays a significant role. A skilled and experienced player can excel with any weapon, pulling off exceptional gameplay that might defy ranking expectations.

How to change weapons in Monster Hunter Now

To change weapons in Monster Hunter Now, you simply need to head to the game's Equipment menu. From there, you'll get a visual displaying all of the weapons you've unlocked so far. Then it's a simple case of choosing the one you want to use and hitting Equip, ready to dive into battle.

Note that not all the Monster Hunter Now weapons unlock at once, so you'll need to progress through the game and level up before unlocking them all. Provided you play plenty of the game and grind through quests, you'll get all those weapons at your disposal in no time!


That's it for our look at the best weapons in Monster Hunter Now! For more on the game, brush up on what the max level is, plus our list of all monsters in Monster Hunter Now.

Updated by Luke Hinton. A previous version of this guide was written by Ashish Jha.

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