No More Heroes 3 Has Been Inspired By 'The Boys' Comic Book

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Nintendo is ramping up hype as we approach the release of No More Heroes 3 next month.

It has been reported that the forthcoming entry in the hack-and-slash franchise is taking heavy influence from The Boys comic book.

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No More Heroes 3 Has Been Inspired By 'The Boys' Comic Book

It has been revealed that 'The Boys' co-creator, Darick Robertson and veteran No More Heroes game designer, SUDA51 have collaborated for Travis Touchdown's next adventure.

Speaking to IGN, SUDA51 talked about his admiration for The Boys comic, specifically its artwork.

Darick’s art was just absolutely amazing. I became a fan instantly. His portrayals of violence were particularly great. I was really hoping to be able to work with him together someday, so I tried sending him an offer for a collaboration, and suprisingly he OK'ed it pretty much right away. It really turned out to be an amazing collaboration.

SUDA51 discussed more about bringing Travis to the Switch, mentioning preceding discussions of bringing the assassin to the Wii U:

When the Wii U was out, we got a lot of passionate requests from the fans for a new offical entry in the No More Heroes series. But at that time, at Grasshopper we were transitioning to more multiplatform games so the timing just didn't really workout. Then, one day, some people from Nintendo showed me the Nintendo Switch for the first time. It was just a mock-up, but the moment I saw it it was like an instinctual reaction. I was like, "Yup, this is the platform where Travis is gonna make his return."

Travis Touchdown and his Beam Katana will make their return on the Nintendo Switch on August 27th.