Nintendo Won't Comment On Those New "Switch Pro" Reports Regarding Increased Production

We've seen endless rumours this last year surrounding Nintendo's rumoured "Switch Pro" model. While previous handhelds had seen more powerful iterations - such as Nintendo DSi and New Nintendo 3DS - we've not seen anything for the Switch four years later, but it's widely believed to be in development.

The latest report comes from Japanese publication Nikkei, who've reported that Nintendo are ramping up Switch production for the current fiscal year in preparation for a Switch Pro. Reportedly, Nintendo are seeking to produce 30 million new units with their new manufacturing partners.

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Nintendo Won't Comment On Those New "Switch Pro" Reports

Having shipped 24 million units last year, Nintendo are evidently feeling confident about their prospects this year. A lot of this previous success is attributable to Animal Crossing: New Horizons' successful launch in March 2020, which has since sold over 31 million copies worldwide. It's helped push the Switch past 80 million sales, now pushing it beyond the 3DS' 75 million sales after just four years.

However, actual production will be dependent on the ongoing semiconductor shortage, which has previously affected stock levels for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Speaking in detail, Nikkei reported “The company has approached a number of parts makers about increasing production. Several officials admitted to us that they are considering expanding production. The company is also expected to add a higher-end model with higher image quality, and this will be the first additional model of the Switch since the Nintendo Switch Lite, which was released in September 2019 and made it more portable.”

When pressed for comment though, Nintendo's spokesperson simply responded: “There is nothing we can tell you about production numbers and higher-end models.” Rumoured to feature a 4K output using Nvidia's DLSS technology, new performance chips and OLED panels, it sounds like an essential upgrade for the Switch to compete with next-gen rivals.

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