Do I Really Need a Switch OLED?

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I have been a lifelong Nintendo fan ever since its release in 1985.

While I did not actually get my own NES until 1986, I played in stores and at friends' houses until I had one of my own.


I have owned every Nintendo console to arrive in the US, except for a Virtual Boy (though I did try, my parents never caved.)

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System is still one of my favorite consoles of all time.

The Switch is my second favorite.

Nintendo recently announced a new Switch model with a larger OLED screen, ethernet on the base, and a much sturdier kickstand.

The Switch OLED is a beautiful piece of hardware, and my inner Nintendo fanboy really wants to get it.

Unfortunately, the Switch OLED does not contain any performance upgrades.

It is just a regular Switch with a nicer screen.

So the question is, "Do I Really Need a Switch OLED?"

The Family That Plays Together

Nintendo Switch
SWITCH: I have 5 of them (color accurate)

My wife and I have four kids.

The year the Switch came out, we purchased one for the holidays and immediately fell in love with the device.

The next year my parents got us another Switch for the holidays to help ease the fact that the kids fought over the original during screen time.


Once COVID hit, three of our children purchased their own Switch Lites, increasing the total number of Switches in our household to five.

No one fights over a Switch anymore.

Still, adding one more Switch to the mix would mean everyone in the family could use one simultaneously.

Honestly, if that happened, it would probably be because our oldest buys his own Switch Lite.

While the Switch OLED looks amazing, I cannot justify spending $350 just for a better portable experience.

I use my Switch in portable mode a lot, and the experience is excellent.

Now, if we did not have a Switch or only had one and were looking to pick up a second, we would probably swing for the Switch OLED.

In fact, a Nintendo employee even said that current Switch users should stick with what they have instead of picking up the OLED.

For those who do not know, JC Rodrigo is Nintendo's Manager of Product Marketing.

Basically, Nintendo is not marketing this product toward current Switch owners.

If you have a Switch, you are golden.

Need a Switch?


Get the Switch OLED.

Where Is The Switch Pro?

Nintedo Switch
SWITCH: This is a picture of one

There have been rumors flying around of a Nintendo Switch Pro, or Super Nintendo Switch, that will have even greater processing power than the current models and will have the ability to handle 4k when docked.

While fans were hoping to have news of this new model by now, it seems we will not see the product, if it exists, until 2022.

This is the Switch I am really waiting for.

Nintendo, please give me a call when the Switch Pro comes out.


I will need two of them at the least.

Do I Really Need a Switch OLED?

I mean, I do, because it looks so darn cool.

Unfortunately, I need to be responsible and realize that I already have five Switches and really do not need another one for the sole reason of it haveing a better screen.

I would not say no if anyone bought one for me, but I will not be plonking down $350 for another console when I could spend that on games...I mean, you know, bills and food for my family.