Mario Kart Tour Getting Another 3DS Course With New Year’s 2022 Tour Update

Despite having a number of annoying microtransactions, Mario Kart Tour continues to be one of the most popular mobile games that Nintendo has put out, with numerous events and playable characters added through updates and more to come, as the company has announced the New Year’s 2022 Tour for, well, Mario Kart Tour.

Say what you will about Mario Kart Tour and how it handles in-game purchases, but mobile gamers have appreciated how much content has been added to the racer and we’re getting so much more with the New Year’s 2022 Tour for the game, which is coming out on December 28.

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Mario Kart Tour Getting New Year’s 2022 Tour Update

As part of the New Year’s 2022 Tour for Mario Kart Tour, Bowser’s Castle from Mario Kart 7 will be added to the mobile game, which is going to make a lot of 3DS owners happy since Mario Kart 7 is the reason some fans purchased the system in the first place.

It’s not only 3DS fans that have something to celebrate as Meowser from Super Mario 3D World will also be added as part of the update, so anyone who wants to control a furry version of Bowser and not fight him like in the Wii U game, this event is for you.

The Tweet above also shows a number of New Year-themed cosmetics that will be coming to Super Mario Kart Tour, so players will have a lot of things to unlock when taking part in the New Year’s 2022 Tour, though they can always unlock some of those things with in-game purchases if they are impatient.

Mario Kart Tour is now available on iOS and Android as a Free-to-Play game, with in-game purchases available if players want to give Nintendo money to get some of the unlockables earlier.

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