Nintendo Direct February 2022 - Here's Our Full Predictions

After many months of waiting, Nintendo has done their usual surprise announcement of a brand-new Nintendo Direct. Taking place later today at 2pm PT / 5pm ET / 10PM GMT / 11pm CET, that's expected to last for "roughly 40 minutes."

So, what do we know? Just that it'll focus on new Switch games launching "in the first half of 2022." Naturally, that's left many wondering if new games will be announced or if rumoured titles like Mario Kart 9, a remastered Metroid Prime Collection, Xenoblade 3, and more are finally getting confirmed.

We all have thoughts about what could show up. So, without further ado, here are the games we’re predicting for a Nintendo Direct appearance.

Mario Kart 9

Rumours of Mario Kart 9 have surfaced these past few months, alongside a few suggestions it'll expand the roster to become a Smash Bros-esque "Nintendo Kart." Whatever form this game ends up taking, we’re sure that a sequel to Mario Kart 8 is underway and - as suggested by one leaker - will be revealed in the Nintendo Direct.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel

Nintendo remains adamant that the sequel to Breath of the Wild is getting released this year, though knowing the first game’s history, we wouldn’t be surprised if another delay was coming. Still, we believe that Nintendo may offer some form of update during this Direct.

Metroid Prime 4/Metroid Prime Collection

Honestly, we would love to see news on Metroid Prime 4, but considering how it restarted development a few years ago, we fear that remains wishful thinking. Still, a small update on the game could happen and there's been plenty of rumours surrounding a remastered Metroid Prime Collection, so time will tell.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

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Since the Switch is home to both Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition and Xenoblade Chronicles 2, a new entry feels likely. Fans have noticed how Monolith Studios recently updated their website, seemingly making way for a new game, so it’s entirely possible Xenoblade Chronicles 3 could be it.

New Fire Emblem

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses was a big hit for the Switch in 2019, so we believe a new game is more a question of "when" rather than "if." Rumours previously suggested either a remake for Thracia 776 or Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn is coming, so we're hopeful for further details.

Batman: Arkham Collection

Batman: Arkham Collection on Switch has been leaked by a French retailer, so this also seems to be a matter of “when” rather than “if.” A quick look at the collection during the Nintendo Direct seems pretty likely.

Persona 3, Persona 4 Golden, and Persona 5 Royal

Atlus has teased more Persona projects for the series’ 25th anniversary and there's a lot of fans pleading for a Switch port. We’ve already seen Persona 5 Strikers and the upcoming Persona 4 Arena Ultimax come to Switch, alongside rumours that Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3 are also making the leap.

Dragon Quest X Offline + Heroes 1 & 2

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Square Enix has released significant updates on this game without confirming a worldwide release. If there’s any way to make Dragon Quest X Offline a talking point, revealing an English localization of the game during the Nintendo Direct would manage it.

As for Dragon Quest Heroes 1 & 2, that's been available in Japan since the Switch launched and has been localised in the West for other platforms. At this point, this one is a stretch, but we remain hopeful.

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