Celebrate Pride With the Awesome Queer Games Bundle 2024

Two women from Trouble Comes Twice stare at one another with a sunset backdrop.
Credit: Foxglove Games

Two women from Trouble Comes Twice stare at one another with a sunset backdrop.
Credit: Foxglove Games

If you've not noticed, it's Pride Month in the US. Pride seeks to celebrate and uplift the LGBTQ+ community, all while highlighting the history behind the gay rights movement. With the act of supporting queer creatives in mind, the Queer Games Bundle 2024 is now available to purchase.

Founded by Taylor McCue and Nilson Carroll, with this year's team including Caroline Delbert, Cade "CadeRageous" Peterson, Tangled, students from Parsons School of Design, and a handful of others, the bundle is a direct way to help support queer creatives by helping them earn a liveable wage. As indie creatives, they do not have the budget of an AAA game and thus ever single purchase helps provide direct support.

In exchange for $60, consumers are rewarded with a bundle of nearly 500 games, software, and zines from 271 queer artists across the itch.io storefront. You also get the warm, fuzzy feeling of knowing that you're helping nurture the queer arts community, and all the diverse, unique people within it.

A screenshot from the itch.io storefront that showcases a number of queer games, comics, and more.
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Credit: Queer Games Bundle 2024

The bundle also offers a version for consumers who want to help support developers, but can't afford to grab the $60 version. This is a Pay What You Can $10-$20+ sliding scale bundle, which can also be found on itch.io

Some highlights, to name a few, are Foxglove Games' Trouble Comes Twice -- a visual novel dating sim that follows a set of twins and their competitive bet on who will be able to get a date first. The bundle also includes 2064: Read Only Memories, which is a prequel to MidBoss' recently released game, Read Only Memories: Neurodiver.

There is also plenty of software, zines, and TTRPGs within the bundle, for consumers who are perhaps looking for more than just games. We recommend physical games like Runt and Justicar.

You can find the full bundle over on itch.io now where, at the time of writing, the bundle has reached its $8,000.00 goal.

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