Predator: Hunting Grounds is finally coming to Xbox Series consoles

predator hunting grounds comes to xbox this fall
Credit: IIIFonic

predator hunting grounds comes to xbox this fall
Credit: IIIFonic


  • Predator: Hunting Grounds is coming to Xbox Series this Fall
  • The game is no longer Sony exclusive after IIIFonic gained publishing rights
  • More Predators are coming to the game this Winter and next Spring

Predator: Hunting Grounds is finally coming to Xbox Series systems now that IIIFonic has taken over publishing duties from Sony. In addition to new Xbox versions, the horror multiplayer game will also get updates on PS4 and PC, as well as a brand-new PS5 version.

Charles Brungardt, the CEO of IIIFonic, said in a press release (via Gematsu) that the licensed title still has a strong player base, which is why they took over publishing duties. Fans curious about the new current-gen version of the game will be able to get this new version of Hunting Grounds in late 2024.

“This game has a strong, enthusiastic player base and a vocal community that wants to see the game updated and supported,” said Brungardt in a press release. “Now that IllFonic is publishing games, we knew we had to get Predator: Hunting Grounds back. We knew we needed to get back to the Chopper!”

Since Predator: Hunting Grounds is an ever-growing multiplayer game, IIIFonic has also confirmed that new Predators will be coming to the game this Winter. More new Predators are also expected to be released sometime in Spring 2025, so it looks like this game has more life in it now.

Hunting Grounds is similar to other horror games in the asymmetrical genre, in that a group of players will be looking to outrun and kill one player who controls the Predator. The soldiers in Hunting Grounds are a bit more capable than typical survivors, armed with various weapons that can do damage, but they will need teamwork to beat these monsters.

Predator: Hunting Grounds was originally a PlayStation console exclusive, launching alongside a PC version back in 2020. Despite mixed reviews at launch, it seems that players did enjoy their times with the licensed horror game, hence, these new updates. Fans can now expect an Xbox Series and PS5 version to come out later this Fall, though no date has been given.

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