Modern Warfare 3 Terminal glitch ruins too many matches

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Modern Warfare 3 player aiming down sights of gun with teammates in background
Credit: Activision

A Modern Warfare 3 Terminal glitch is ruining matches for those playing multiplayer matches.

Terminal is one of the most popular maps in all of Modern Warfare 3 thanks to its fast gameplay and ability to position the opposing team into a spawn trap that's extremely difficult to escape even when the best guns and weapons are equipped.

With attention turning to the launch of Season 1 and a wealth of new content arriving in multiplayer, players continue to search for any advantage to gain over the opposition. The latest glitch some are using to secure the upper hand involves a Terminal glitch that enables players to access the rooftop of the main airport building.

Uncovered by Reddit user Gionta1222, they're eliminated by an enemy that's somehow made their wayh onto the roof.

As expected, there are plenty of unhappy players. One player says: "Just in time for the 24/7 playlist too. Was in a Hardcore game with this bulls**t and some guy was doing it."

On the other hand, others aren't concerned by the exploit that continues to ruin matches for anyone who attempts to roam around Terminal's main building or the outdoor area of the map. Another fan adds: "That's nothing a sniper rifle and some good aim can't fix," implying there are ways to counter anyone who's using the exploit for an unfair advantage.

Sledgehammer Games often acknowledges player feedback and with frustration surrounding the Modern Warfare 3 Terminal glitch continuing to grow, there's a chance a fix for the crafty exploit is already in the works. Hopefully, it will arrive as part of the first seasonal update so nobody can reign terror from above anymore.

For now, it's worth keeping a lookout for any rooftop dwellers looking to score longshots or attempting to earn a nuke by shooting unsuspecting players through the glass or attempting to climb the inflatable ramp into the plane.

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