Players Discover More Bugs in New World Update 1.3

The latest New World update, New World 1.3, is meant to help balance out endgame content, but it's apparently introduced yet more bugs to Amazon's MMO

A Reddit post by u/Bocika sums up the list of bugs they discovered during the 5 minutes of playing with the new update 1.3. It includes claims such as the player to player trade system not working, being unable to craft from storage, and Dungeon chests dropping items with the wrong Gear Score.

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Players Discover More Bugs in New World Update 1.3

The post already garnered hundreds of comments, with most players also experiencing similar issues. Other users also mentioned some ways to fix those issues, such as logging out and in again or restarting their PCs.

Amazon Games provided a statement through a forum post that they are already fixing the issues:

"We are aware that players are experiencing an issue where the storage unit is not stacking items properly, causing the unique item limit to be reached before the intended limit as well as players unable to craft with materials in storage. The team is working on providing a fix as soon as possible. We will keep this thread updated when we have more information.
Thank you for your patience and understanding!"

New World is available for PC. You can check out the whole update 1.3 patch notes by following the link here. Make sure to follow us for more gaming news and updates as it happens.

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