Naraka Bladepoint: How To Heal In Combat

Most fights in Naraka: Bladepoint are decisive as both players often refuse to leave and heal up to finish off their foe. During duels, suddenly healing up in front of the enemy is a fatal mistake . However, there are ways to heal up in battle in Naraka: Bladepoint. Here's a quick guide to help you heal in combat.

1. Use Your Grappling Spools

If you're running low on health, a retreat is a good call to heal up but players will need to outmanoeuvre their enemies to make the space they need for healing. Use your Grappling Hook to suddenly move around the area and keep putting obstacles in between their foes.

Rather than just simply covering more distance, it's better to change your altitude and hook your way up to the higher ground. This way, enemies will be forced to climb their own way to you if they want to finish you off.

Overall, players will get more time to heal up depending on how difficult they make themselves for other players to reach them. Remember to not sprint or roll as it will cancel the healing progress back to zero.

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2. Wall Healing

Another nifty trick to heal up is to shoot a grappling hook towards a wall or a tree and start healing up. Player movement when climbing and healing is faster than healing on the ground. Use the wall to hide yourself against foes who could be confused with your sudden movement to heal up. Meanwhile, climbing around the tree to use it as cover if they try to hook you down, shoot you, or chase you up there.

3. Fleet Footwork

If there's no choice but to heal on the floor, players can spam crouch to boost their speed and even hide their healing animation. The game allows players to continue their healing while doing the evasive crouch option which makes their characters bob and weave their way in the area.

Keep crouching to hide your healing animation from your foe and other players watching your fight to make space for yourself.

Once you're healed up, make it count and finish your foe as fast as you can. Health can be mean little due to the massive damage that heavier weapons and attacks make in Naraka: Bladepoint. However, combat healing can help players last longer if they do get some breathing room from the pressure of fighting many people at the same time.

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