Naraka Bladepoint: Developers Nerf Dagger, Lowers Damage On Most Attacks

24 Entertainment has recently sent a mail to its player regarding a nerf to Dagger's damage. Some attacks have had its damage reduced which are part of the weapon's aerial combo. Here's what we know about this nerf.

Official Mail About Nerf

As seen in the game, players were informed about a nerf to four of Dagger's attacks, here's what those nerfed attacks are:

  • First Aerial Horizontal Attack (In midair, Left Click)
  • Second Aerial Horizontal Attack (In midair, Left Click Left Click)
  • Crouching Vertical Attack (While crouching, Right Click)
  • Sliding Vertical Attack (While sprinting, crouch and Right Click)

The damage value for these moves have been reduced. The developers note that they're still balancing the Dagger weapon at the moment. More changes may be applied on the weapon soon.

Dagger As A Weapon

So far, Naraka: Bladepoint's Dagger is a melee weapon with fast attacks and short range. From its normal attacks to its charged attack, this weapon beats all the other weapons when it comes to speed.

Coupled with its quick attacks, the Dagger is a consistent weapon to use for juggling foes. Starting for the crouching Vertical attack as an enemy launcher, players can go for two Horizontal attacks and end it with a Vertical attack in the air to deliver the hurt. As long as there are no obstacles to block the launch, the combo is guaranteed.

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Dagger's Air Combo Nerf

Looking at the nerf with the Dagger's air combo, the developers are hitting the combo potential of weapons in the long run. As with many titles similar to fighting games, many players would discover these combos to get an edge over their foes.

The Dagger air combo is one of these combos which is a consistent combo. However, many players discovering combos like this as a strong offensive tool could encourage players to keep finding high-impact, low risk combos like this and potentially ignore the regular attack system if it proves too risky to use at times.

We'll have to wait on the later updates to see the direction of the melee fighting system of Naraka: Bladepoint's future changes on their weapons.

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