Naraka Bladepoint: How To Counter Tianhai's Titan's Call Ultimate

Tianhai, the Wandering Monk, in Naraka: Bladepoint has an ultimate which can be a problem to face in fights. When used, Tianhai transforms into a towering Vajra that can grab people in fights and cannot be stopped once he gets started. However, this ultimate also has weaknesses that can be used against Tianhai and win fights against him.

Tianhai's Titan's Call Ultimate

When Tianhai takes a break during battle and suddenly stands still, he may be casting his Titan's Call ultimate. Once he gets started, it cannot be interrupted and he'll all of his health back and turn into a towering Vajra.

While transformed, Tianhai's attacks are turned into far-reaching grabs that can hold enemy players if they get hit. Once in his grasp, he can slam on the floor that deals big damage. Getting caught has no counterplay for the incoming damage which makes it frustrating to fight him.

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How To Counter Tianhai's Titan's Call Ultimate

When Tianhai transforms, players can actually take advantage of his reduced mobility while transformed. Escape far away from Tianhai and hide behind cover so he can't pick you up and slam you on the floor. The Titan's Call transformation removes Tianhai's access from his dashes and double jumps which makes it difficult for him to chase down foes. At best, trapping Tianhai down lower ground makes it easier for you to evade him in this form.

As for cover, try to hide behind trees, structures, stones, and even elevated ground to protect yourself from getting grabbed. If in open areas, use your grappling hook to quickly traverse the area and find some cover. Escape is a great option as you wait for his ultimate to run out or cancel the ultimate early to try and chase you down.

Dodge And Shoot If You Need To Fight

However, players may find times that they have to fight Tianhai as there's no place to escape. Fortunately, it is possible to defeat Tianhai in this form. The game's tutorials confirm that Tianhai has weak points on his body parts that shine during his Vajra transformation. Trying to hit him with your melee weapon is dangerous as he can stomp the floor in this form.

The best bet to fight him is to use your ranged weapons to hit his weak spots. Even though Tianhai is tougher to fight in this form, reducing all of his health in this form will immediately eliminate him in the fight instead of powering him down first. Since Tianhai is bigger in this form, keep shooting at him to pressure him while trying dodge his hands.

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