Naraka Bladepoint: How To Counter Temulch Zephyr Prison Ultimate

For a battle royale, Naraka: Bladepoint does have its fair share of characters with defensive skills that can protect an area from other players. Temulch's Zephyr Prison can make this protective area even at Solos which can be tricky to deal with. Here's how you can fight this ultimate in Naraka: Bladepoint.

Temulch's Zephyr Prison

On cast, Temulch leaps forward and plants his fist on the floor. After that, a sand tornado forms around Temulch that blocks out vision. Projectiles can't get in and get out of this area which makes it a strong protective area. Meanwhile, players who try to cross the tornado will be slowed if they're not using Temulch.

So far, this ultimate is a strong tool in creating space for both Trios and Solos in Naraka: Bladepoint. This move can clutch out a fight as Temulch can heal up inside and emerge from the fight with full health and clear out his enemies. Alternatively, this ultimate can be used as a wall to cover a retreat and even isolate his foes who get caught inside it.

Overall, Temulch's ultimate is a flexible tool for offensive and defensive use in Naraka: Bladepoint. However, this move also have weaknesses.

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How To Counter Temulch's Zephyr Prison Ultimate

Trying to force and pushing through the storm to reach Temulch is a bad idea as he can fully move inside it and swing his weapon to keep you out. Trying to go over the tornado is also a bad idea as it extends upward indefinitely.

At best, it'll be best to respect Temulch's ultimate and watch his movements from the outside. Use the downtime to also refill your health and repair weapons if Temulch chooses to stay inside in the tornado.

If caught inside the tornado, it's best to take the fight against Temulch if he catches you inside it. Trying to run out will not work due to the slow. Any attempts to use the grappling hook outside the tornado would also be deflected as the hook counts as a projectile.

Check Around His Ultimate

If Temulch uses the storm to protect himself, make sure to move to a position that you'll see if he leaves it for a quick escape. If he does escape, corner him once he's too far and chase him down using your grappling hook.

Overall, Temulch doesn't get too much mileage from his ultimate if the fight he's too far away to use it. He can't reposition the tornado once its out and needs a specific version of his normal skill if he wants more interaction with it.

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