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Naraka Bladepoint: Best Characters For Beginners

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Starting out in Naraka: Bladepoint can get overwhelming as it is a fresh take on the Battle Royale genre. Many of the its systems are also unique and can't be found on its peers of the same genre. Here's a few characters that you can pick to get used to the things found in Naraka: Bladepoint.

1. Tianhai

Early in the game's basic tutorial, the player will meet a monk who'll engage the player in a mock battle to try out the tricks taught to them about the game. This character is Tianhai and can be played as part of the free, initial roster of Naraka: Bladepoint.


Compared to other characters, Tianhai has a defensive skill that surrounds him with a golden bell which protects him from physical attacks and returns non-explosive projectiles to their shooters. This move can be used while Tianhai is taking hits which players can use to escape combos and help close the gap against enemies shooting at them.

Lastly, Tianhai can also transform into a large, hulking Vajra with his Titan's Call ultimate. In this form, the player can grab enemies at far ranges and slam them on the floor with its F skill. New players often have difficulty in dealing with this ultimate as Tianhai cannot be interrupted with his attacks in this form.

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2. Temulch

Similar to Tianhai, Temulch the Grey Wolf also sports defensive skills which will help players last longer in fights. Temulch's skill surrounds him with three wisps which can block projectiles for him. Alternatively, he can throw these wisps which will make enemies float if it lands on them.

Temulch's ultimate is the Zephyr Prison where the character dives toward a location and spawns a large tornado around him. No projectiles can enter and exit the swirling winds which can help Temulch get some breathing room to heal up during fights. Additionally, enemies will get slowed if they try to pass through the tornado which further protects Temulch from attacks. However, enemy Temulch can cross the tornados just fine so watch out.

3. Yoto Hime


Lastly, the developers introduced a new character, Yoto Hime, on Naraka: Bladepoint's release. Unlike Temulch and Tianhai, Yoto Hime's skills are offensive and uses her signature greatsword to help her out fights. Yoto Hime's Spirit Slash deploys her sword toward an enemy or a location where it spins around wildly.

The sword is harmless to Yoto Hime which allows her to heal inside as enemies will get interrupted if they try to go near. Lastly, her ultimate, Ominous Blade, allows to land three powerful slashes which can obliterate foes if landed on them cleanly. During this ultimate, Yoto Hime cannot be interrupted which makes it a strong option to end duels fast.

Overall, all of these three characters give players some options to get some breathing room in fights with their skills and look forward to a "comeback mechanic" if they get in a pinch in fights.

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