My Hero Ultra Impact Tier List and Reroll Guide

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Image from My Hero Ultra Impact, showing a superhero-like character charging an attack
July 18, 2022: We checked our My Hero Ultra Impact tier list.

In need of a My Hero Ultra Impact tier list? The latest mobile RPG based on the My Hero Academia anime is out now, and we've ranked every character so you know which three are worth spending valuable in-game resources on to put into your final team.

Not only does our My Hero Ultra Impact tier list go through all of the playable characters in the game, but we'll also explore the recruitment process, so you know how to get more fighters, and how to equip them. We'll also detail the reroll mechanics, so you can go back to square one if you aren't happy with how things are going.

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My Hero Ultra Impact Tier List

Ranking Character name
S[Heroism] Eijiro Kirishima [Persistence] Eijiro Kirishima, [Post-Struggle] Shoto Todoroki, [Phantasmagoric] Tamaki Amajiki, [Heroes Assemble] Izuku Midoriya, [Heroes Assemble] Katsuki Bakugo, [Wild Curiosity] Nejire Hado, [Fire Power] Endeavor, [Blink of an Eye] Shota Aizawa, [Number One] Katsuki Bakugo, [Expectations] Izuku Midoriya, [Heartbeat Strum] Kyoka Jiro
A[Sharp Gale] Hawks, [Crush Despair] All Might, [Ready? Okay!] Momo Yaoyorozu, [Advantage] Ochaco Uraraka, [Never Give Up] Izuku Midoriya, [Burn Everything] Dabi, [Unrelenting Desire] Overhaul, [Ruler of Evil] All For One, [Awakening] Tomura Shigaraki, [Camouflage] Tsuyu Asui, [Evil Unbound] Tomura Shigaraki, [Ever Ready] Momo Yaoyorozu, [Ice and Fire] Shoto Todoroki, [My Own Will] Shoto Todoroki, [Swelling Heart] Shoto Todoroki, [World Heroes] Shoto Todoroki
B[Reach it!] Mirio Togata, [Flashing Bolts] Denki Kaminari, [Hidden Attack] Shota Aizawa, [Bloody Love] Himiko Toga, [Camouflage] Tsuru Asui, [Burst Attack] Katsuki Bakugo, [Swelling Heat] Shoto Todoroki, [Merciless] Katsuki Bakugo, [Sharp Words] Hitoshi Shinso
C[My Ability] Izuku Midoriya, [Final Blow] Izuku Midoriya, [Swift Strike] Hawks, [In Shadows] Fumikage Tokoyami

With the game only just live, our My Hero Ultra Impact tier list is still in its infancy. It's based on each of the characters' rarity and in-game stats. That gives you the balance to see how these characters perform across the board.

The game is now out in North America, so we know exactly which characters are in that first global iteration of My Hero Ultra Impact. Not all of the fighters in the Japanese version of the game have made their way to NA on launch, so expect them to arrive later down the line.

Who Is The Best Character In My Hero Ultra Impact?

As per our tier list, there are a few characters in My Hero Ultra Impact worth getting. These are some of the hardest characters in the game to acquire, so it may take a lot of work - but it's certainly worth it when you see the stats.

Arguably the best character in My Hero Ultra Impact is [Destruction] All For One. Not only are they one of the UR-level characters, but their ultra attack called 'I'll Kill You' does a blistering 600% damage. It's a great name for a skill as well.

It's one of the most astonishing offensive moves in the game, and it easily makes [Destruction] All For One the best character in the game. With plenty of characters in the game, considering the range of variants that each base fighter has, you'll have plenty of ways to build up your roster.

Image from My Hero Ultra Impact, showing a villainous character charging a magical attack
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How Do I Get More My Hero Ultra Impact Characters?

As you may expect, My Hero Ultra Impact is a gacha game, meaning the only way to get new characters is by pulling with premium currencies to get a new fighter from the roster. Generally speaking, rarer characters will always be stronger. And any UR characters added after launch will generally beat those that came before.

My Hero Ultra Impact gacha pulls are purchased using Hero Gems. These are one of the currencies available in the game that can be earned both through regular play and via the cash shop.

How Do I Play My Hero Ultra Impact?

Given there's some confusion around My Hero Ultra Impact as its worldwide release arrives, we're here to clear it up. Read on for a look at how to actually boot up the game, so you can be ready for the public release.

My Hero Ultra Impact Reroll Guide

If you've progressed through the early stages of My Hero Ultra Impact, but you aren't too happy with how your gacha pulls have gone, then rerolling is always an option.


A My Hero Ultra Impact reroll is where you manually reset your progress, meaning you can enjoy any free spins gifted during the tutorial all over again. As such, you could easily pull some of the S-tier characters, making your team that bit more potent. Here's how to reroll:

  • Create your My Hero Ultra Impact account.
  • Proceed through the in-game tutorial, up until you have access to summons and all the settings menus.
  • On settings, look for a tab called Account Settings.
  • In this sub-menu, there should be an option to reset your data, or clear your cache.
  • Choose that, confirm it, and you should be able to start from the beginning.

That's it for our My Hero Ultra Impact tier list for now. We've been over all the character variants in the game so you know which are best to add your team, on top of looking in-depth at the gacha and reroll elements. Now the game is live worldwide, it's an exciting time to be a My Hero Academia fan - and this new mobile title proves that!

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