Monster Hunter Stories 2: How to Unlock and Play Multiplayer Battles

Monster Hunter Stories 2 features a suite of multiplayer features, allowing you to battle alongside other players or against them. Problem is, these options are not available at first, and you'll need to progress to a certain point in the story to get access. To help you save time unlocking multiplayer in Monster hunter Stories 2 we've detailed which mission you'll need to clear. Let's get started.

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Monster Hunter Stories 2: How to Unlock Multiplayer Battles

To unlock multiplayer battles in Monster Hunter Stories 2 you will need to get to the Alcala region. This is the second main area in the game, where you'll be accompanied by a character called Alwin. After a few missions you'll be tasked with taking down a Nargacuga, which is a tough fight. Once you've defeated it you'll then take on Alwin in your first Rider battle. You don't need to win here, but completing the fight will unlock the multiplayer battle options.

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How to Play Multiplayer Quests and Battles

Once you've beaten the Alwin battle you can head to the Quest Board and select 'Multiplayer'. From here you can head into Co-Op and other multiplayer battle options. You can choose local play or online.

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Multiplayer Game Modes

There's a handful of multiplayer game modes available from the Quest Board. They are as follows:

  • Co-Op: Slay Missions (Kill a Monster), Time Missions (Defeat all targets in a set time), and Expeditions (Multiple Nests and objectives)
  • Versus Battles: Team up with other players to form squads, battle it out with others.

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